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2021 and Yellow arrow on a road
Every year, the Sharon Merrill team fires up its collective neurons in a lighthearted effort to predict those trends that will be in and those that will be out in the year ahead. Whatever those trends may be, we wish our clients and friends a healthy and rewarding 2021!



Virtual Investor Days Group Catered Lunches
Hand-sanitizing Hand-shaking
Shopping Small Shopping in a Mall
Chess Twister
Shareholder Transparency Higher Reporting Thresholds
Living Rooms Lobbies
Space Travel Commuter Rail
Board Diversity Old Boy Network
Watching The Office Going to the Office
Digital Transformation Silos
Masks Makeup
Board games Bar Games
Zoom Shirts Suits
TikTok Karaoke Bars
M&A Buybacks
Telehealth Doctor Visits
Staycations Cruises
Curfews Closing Time
Corporate Responsibility Greenwashing  
Social Dilemma Facebook
Elbow Bumps Bear Hugs
Ring Lights Mood Lights
ESG Materiality Assessments Non-Strategic ESG Programs
Peloton Gyms
Home quarters Headquarters
Netflix Movie Theatres
Virtual Presentation Coaching Embarrassing Zoom Backgrounds
Slippers High Heels
Cycling Carpooling
Direct Listing IPOs
Pickle-ball Pick-up Basketball
Take Out Dining Out
Board Chairperson Board Chairman
Schitt’s Creek Keeping Up with The Kardashians
Hats Haircuts
Virtual Roadshows Airplane Food

Onward and upward from the team at Sharon Merrill!

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