An effective program for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management and communication can fundamentally make an organization stronger, more resilient and more attractive to investors and other key stakeholders, while helping to mitigate long-term risks. In addition to providing strategic counsel on a range of critical topics such as evaluating ESG frameworks, forming in-house cross-functional teams and identifying critical third-party partners, we help companies at every stage of ESG implementation build and grow ESG programs that earn tremendous credit from investors, employees, customers and the society at large.

ESG Benchmark Analysis Identify priority focus areas and content gaps with a thorough benchmark analysis of your current ESG practices, peer practices, ESG rating agencies reports, and ESG frameworks such as SASB, TCFD or GRI.

Materiality Assessment Stakeholder Interviews Gain a deep understanding of key stakeholder perceptions of your ESG practices and the material issues that matter most to your key stakeholders through a series of internal and external interviews.

ESG Strategic Roadmap Development – Execute your ESG program with confidence with a customized strategic multi-year roadmap that identifies key milestones and deliverables to build your ESG program and communications over time.  

Executive and Board Briefings – Keep leadership informed on evolving ESG trends and shareholder base risks and opportunities with management trainings and board briefings.

ESG Messaging Framework and Narrative Development Clearly articulate your unique ESG value proposition with a compelling ESG messaging framework that considers where your risk management priorities and ESG strengths overlap with your vision, mission and purpose.

ESG Website Development Optimize the impact of your ESG communications with a sustainability website that combines strategic “outside-in” website architecture and compelling content.

Holistic ESG Investor Communications Integrate your ESG messaging across investor communications, including investor presentation, earnings materials, ESG fact sheet and annual report.

Sustainability Report Development – Build a highly effective sustainability report through clear objective setting, structured outlining, compelling writing, and high-impact design.  

ESG Video Series Set the tone for your ESG program, draw attention to metrics that matter most to your investors and other stakeholders and humanize your ESG mission through a compelling ESG video series produced in partnership with Weymouth Griffin Design

ESG Investor Targeting and Engagement Attract new, high-quality investors through a targeting campaign that gets you in front of the right group of ESG-forward investors through one-on-one meetings, ESG-focused non-deal roadshows and annual ESG Investor Days.

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Getting Your ESG Journey Off On The Right Foot

The past few years have been filled with unprecedented events, including investors pouring in nearly $70 billion into funds centered on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles in 2021—a 35% increase from 2020. In what could be called ESG’s inflection point in the U.S., ESG was further accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the racial justice movement, which amplified the need for greater corporate focus on ESG issues, from climate change and environmental stewardship to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).