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IPO Investor Relations

Let us help you make the right first impression with the investment community. We’ll set a professional investor relations foundation in place, ready management for investor engagement and help you act like a public company well before you ring the bell on day one.
  • Capital Markets Coaching – Understanding the “black box” of Wall Street through ongoing coaching to resolve real-time challenges and disclosure issues.
  • IPO Readiness Coaching – Setting expectations, understanding SEC regulations, and positioning your story effectively for success.
  • Mock Earnings and Q&A Training – Preparing to communicate like a public company by holding live conference calls and Q&A with your private company investors.
  • IPO Program Management – Providing you with expert guidance and structured project management to keep your team on the same page and ready to anticipate the inevitable twists and turns that take place during every IPO process.
  • Executive Presence Coaching – Speaking credibly, setting expectations, and persuading investors through compelling storytelling and strategic positioning.
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“Sharon Merrill Advisors has been essential to the Rigetti leadership and communications teams as we navigated transitioning from a private to a public company and beyond. SMA was instrumental in helping Rigetti go public during a particularly challenging year in the capital markets. Throughout this process, SMA worked with us and our bankers to build a database of prospects, set up investor meetings, and provide invaluable strategic counsel. SMA also helped us craft core messaging, garner coverage, secure conference speaking roles, and run sophisticated and targeted investor outreach. We received crucial support from their team in building out our quarterly earnings process, establishing our disclosure practices, and holding our inaugural Investor Day. I highly recommend partnering with SMA for your investor relations and capital market coaching needs.”

—Idalia Friedson, Chief of Staff to the CEO, Rigetti Computing

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From Private to Public

A software company preparing to go public engaged SMA to guide management through the IPO process, establish a comprehensive IR foundation, and craft a cohesive and impactful narrative. The result was a successful start to life in the public spotlight.
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Establishing IR Success After an IPO

A newly public software company hired Sharon Merrill Advisors to implement a strategic investor relations program to generate support for its equity story and drive investor demand. In the first year following the IPO, the company outperformed its peer group in total shareholder return and earned investor respect for the quality of its communications.