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Investor Relations Advisory

In today’s volatile and dynamic market, having a strategic IR plan for identifying, engaging, and influencing the financial community is critical. We use our nearly 40 years of experience to create and manage customized investor relations programs for our clients. We take a high-touch approach via senior-level counsel, with the goal of optimizing your time and maximizing your reach.
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  • Investor Targeting and Engagement – Using technology, market intelligence, and analytics to identify and match “best fit” investors with a company based on its investment characteristics.
  • IR Strategy and Planning – Creating a 12-month action plan consisting of strategies, tactics, messaging and measurable KPIs designed to attract a broader audience of long-term investors and increase valuation relative to industry peers.
  • Perception Audits – Surveying a targeted group of investors and analysts to identify and correct potential blind spots that may adversely be affecting equity value and corporate reputation.
  • Strategic Positioning – Creating messaging to advance the Street’s understanding of a company’s strategy and growth prospects.  Strategic positioning answers the question, “Why should I invest?”
  • Quarterly Earnings Preparation – Developing cohesive and strategic messaging that is conveyed through all of the quarterly materials, including the earnings release, presentation, conference call script, talking points and Q&A.
  • Shareholder Activism Defense – Preparing for a potential activist threat by proactively identifying a company’s performance and governance risks. Once risks are identified, a coordinated communications plan is put in place to mobilize support for management and the board and respond to the activist threat.
  • Competitive Intelligence – Tracking peer and industry news to understand how the market-moving stories of the day are likely to affect equity valuation and influence buy and sell decisions.
  • IR Best Practices – IR best practice counsel from some of the world’s leading experts in IR to encourage active communications with your stakeholders, maximize the impact of your message and reduce share price volatility.
  • Regulation FD and IR Training – Expert training to ensure that management is well versed in disclosure regulations as well as best practices in communicating with investors and analysts (including advice on avoiding common traps).

“When I think back to our first earnings call and compare it to today, it’s amazing how far we’ve come and grown up as a public company – due in large part to Sharon Merrill Advisors. Their strategic counsel, understanding of the capital markets, and tireless support at every turn helped to elevate our professionalism, effectively articulate our long-term strategy, and demonstrate our value to our stakeholders.”

—Craig Schuele, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Altra Motion

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Implementing a Strategic IR Program

A cloud technology company that suddenly found its industry out of favor sought SMA’s guidance on strategies to make its messaging stick even when it seemed no one was paying attention to the story. Our targeted IR program helped turn up the volume, attracting long-term investors and increasing valuation.
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Perception Audit

When a newly public medical device manufacturer failed to generate investor interest–despite a recent FDA clearance–the company sought SMA’s counsel to identify the issues. We recommended conducting a perception study and then applying the results of the research to correct misperceptions, refresh messaging and drive investor awareness in the U.S. and Europe.