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Executive Coaching

In today’s unforgiving capital markets, impressions are formed in seconds. We show executives how to navigate the negativity by delivering compelling, persuasive messages that stick. Leverage our decades of proven expertise in investor relations and executive coaching to make the first impression of your presentation, interview or speech a positive one.
  • Presentation Coaching – Demonstrating the effective use of voice, body language and content to deliver a compelling presentation.
  • Capital Markets Coaching – Ensuring C-level executives understand the “black box” of Wall Street through scenario planning, role-playing, and Q&A preparation to solve real-time challenges and disclosure issues.
  • Messaging – Coaching executives how to use focused messaging in investor interactions to ensure your potential is understood and your long-term value-creation is fully appreciated.
  • Q&A Training – Ensuring clients are prepared for difficult questions and take advantage of every speaking opportunity to drive home key messages.
  • Executive Presence Coaching – Training C-level executives to speak with authenticity, stay on message, and communicate a long-term vision.
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“I worked with Sharon Merrill Advisors to upgrade my presentation delivery for my company’s pitch deck. With their expert coaching, I was able to deliver a more focused presentation that highlighted my key selling points, as well as demonstrated the passion that I have for my business. I highly recommend Sharon Merrill as a coach for executives with a desire to tell a compelling story in a dynamic way.”

—Vanitha Kera, CEO Creative Systems & Consulting

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Executive Speaker Coaching

A rapidly growing therapeutics company with a group of disparate businesses sought SMA’s help in communicating its story, which investors found complex and confusing. By developing a fresh narrative that focused on the investment thesis, rather than the minute aspects of the business, and training the CEO to tell the story in a compelling way, the company quickly captured the attention of investors.
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Presentation Training

A newly promoted CFO, who had initially dismissed the idea of an executive coaching session as “only for beginners,” sought SMA’s presentation training after he received low marks from the Street on his first quarterly earnings call. Following SMA’s coaching, the CFO was more confident on subsequent earnings calls and received high praise from investors.