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A presenter interacting with the audience at a business presentation in the board room
Experts in Both IR and Persuasive Speaking Train Executives and IROs
to Dynamically Deliver Compelling Messages to Investors and Analysts

Sharon Merrill Advisors, a strategic communications and investor relations firm, today launched Executive PresenceSM, a speaker training offering designed specifically for executives communicating with investors and analysts. The highly unique combination of expertise in both investor relations and speaker training enables Sharon Merrill Advisors’ Executive PresenceSM coaches to provide hands-on training that has a rapid and significant impact on executives’ effectiveness with the critical investment community audience.

“To coach an executive to speak effectively with today’s investors and analysts, you need to be a highly skilled persuasive speaking coach, as well as understand the intricacies and information needs of the investment community,” said Sharon Merrill Advisors President David Calusdian. “Our coaches have this unique skillset.

“In training executives, our Executive Presence coaches focus on using message development, vocal variety and body language to ensure that key messages are emphasized properly and succinctly,” continued Calusdian. “Our coaches work with executives to deliver a clear and concise message across all types of investor communications, including investor presentations, quarterly earnings calls, investor days, and one-on-one meetings. Executives also work on maintaining a credible speaking style, speaking with confidence, using appropriate tone, sounding knowledgeable, and appearing highly composed.”

Key Executive PresenceSM Service Areas

Presentation Coaching – Demonstrating the effective use of voice, body language and content to deliver a compelling presentation.

Messaging – Coaching executives to use focused messaging in investor interactions to ensure the company’s potential is understood and its long-term value-creation is fully appreciated.

Q&A Training – Ensuring executives are prepared for difficult questions and take advantage of every speaking opportunity to drive home key messages.

Executive Presence Coaching – Training C-level executives to speak with authenticity, stay on message, and communicate a long-term vision.

Investor Day Speaker Preparation – Preparing your team to deliver presentations that land with your in-room and virtual investor day audiences.

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