Cybersecurity Sharon Merrill Associates A Cybersecurity Conversation with Prince Lobel

Global cybercrime damages are expected to exceed $6 trillion annually by 2021. From hacks of mobile payment and other non-traditional payment systems to data manipulation and sabotage, the external threats to operations and customer and investor perception seem to increase daily. We recently sat down with cybersecurity expert William S. Rogers Jr. of Prince Lobel…

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vidpreview The Sharon Merrill Approach

Trust. Experience. Resilience. Passion. Vision. Perspective. Partnerships.

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vidpreview Crisis Preparation

Learn effective strategies to protect corporate reputation and credibility.

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Sharon Merrill Associates proved to be a valuable partner … They enhanced our road show presentation, refined our positioning and developed a strong investor relations and communications infrastructure.

Timothy Baker President & Chief Financial Officer Cynosure, Inc. April 10, 2015