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The secrets of a successful IPO

A software company preparing to go public engaged SMA to guide management through the IPO process, establish a comprehensive IR foundation, and craft a cohesive and impactful narrative. The result was a successful start to life in the public spotlight.

Client Challenge

Limited in-house capital markets and investor relations expertise

Without a deep understanding of capital markets and investor relations, the company’s executive team faced potential obstacles in navigating the IPO process, effectively engaging with stakeholders, and implementing the robust investor relations processes to meet public company standards.

The Sharon Merrill Advantage

Holistic IPO & IR readiness program

SMA implemented an integrated IPO & IR readiness program to guide the company through the challenges of going public and position it for long-term success. This comprehensive approach included:

  • conducting IR readiness training to prepare the leadership team and employees for the demands of the capital markets;
  • developing a compelling investment thesis, roadshow deck, and IR website to effectively convey the company’s value proposition; and
  • implementing targeted outreach strategies to build institutional demand for shares post-IPO and attract sell-side research coverage beyond the deal book-runners.


Established a robust IR foundation & successfully completed IPO

SMA’s program established a strong IR foundation for the company, with pinpoint messaging that drove demand for the company’s shares during the IPO. As a result, the company’s stock price increased by more than 45% during its first trading day. More important, the company’s award-winning IR program has consistently received high marks by the investment community in the quarters since the IPO.

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