Sharon Merrill Associates CEO Pay In Discussing CEO Pay Ratios, Context Is Everything

New disclosure rule presents an “apples and oranges” problem As any communication veteran knows, every corporate “happening” creates a messaging opportunity. That is certainly the case with the impending round of pay-ratio disclosures. Starting this year, under an SEC amendment to Regulation S-K, which stemmed from a provision in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection…

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vidpreview Act with Proxy GamePlan

Avoid proxy issues with a strategic year-round, data-driven shareholder engagement plan.

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vidpreview Woman of the Year - PR

Sharon Merrill CEO Maureen Wolff Wins Two 2017 Stevie® Awards

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Sharon Merrill Associates proved to be a valuable partner … They enhanced our road show presentation, refined our positioning and developed a strong investor relations and communications infrastructure.

President & Chief Financial Officer  Cynosure, Inc.