An integrated corporate communications campaign strengthens a company’s relationships with employees, customers, investors and other critical stakeholders. We help companies build successful relationships to generate support – now and in the most challenging times.

Employee Communications – Building team enthusiasm for the company’s mission

Customer/Supplier Communications – Maintaining the trust of valued constituencies

Stakeholder Communications – Creating customized messages for diverse audiences

Messaging – Developing a cohesive and customized message

Media Relations – Attracting media attention for newsworthy developments

Visibility – Generating positive attention and support for the company and its management team

Thought Leadership – Building credibility by positioning executives as industry experts

Social Media – Using digital media to communicate in real time around the world

CEO Transition Communications – Building shareholder support for management and board changes

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Case Study – Increasing Corporate Visibility and Credibility to Drive Sales

A bylined journal article helped a UK-based pharmaceutical company gain recognition for its growing presence in China. As a result, the company keynoted an inaugural U.S. conference in its field, establishing worldwide credentials and yielding numerous new business leads.

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Blog – Integrating Social Media into Your Investor Relations Program

Learn the six building blocks to developing an effective investor relations social media strategy.

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Blog – Getting Investors Ready for Your New CEO

Understand how to craft messages that will calm investor fears about uncertainty caused by a CEO transition.

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