View over businesswoman shoulder during group video call

Using a virtual event to showcase a state-of-the-art facility and conduct a large-scale product demo

A well-capitalized transportation technology company sought to differentiate itself from underfunded and underperforming peers. SMA planned, coordinated and executed a virtual investor event—literally a driver’s seat experience of the client’s flagship product—that showcased its technology and crystallized its value proposition in a real-world context.

Client Challenge

In a crowded but suddenly out-of-favor technology segment, investors incorrectly painted the client with the same valuation brush as its underperforming peers, despite the company’s superior powertrain technology. The technology was best appreciated in person, at the company’s dazzling, but somewhat remote, manufacturing and R&D facility. Better yet would be a view from behind the wheel of a semi-truck—not the sort of thing that’s easily shown in a hotel function room.

The company needed a budget-friendly, resource-efficient way to engage with investors at the event.

The Sharon Merrill Advantage

The event featured live and pre-recorded video content that seamlessly explained the company’s strategy by way of a drone tour of its Texas headquarters. This was coupled with a CEO-hosted walkaround of a vehicle equipped with the company’s powertrain solution, highlights from the company’s new investor presentation, and a live Q&A with the management team.

To ensure an engaging and user-friendly experience, SMA arranged to have the event hosted on a branded microsite with interactive features for the live videocast. SMA and the client’s senior leadership team planned a “mini” virtual Investor Day to:

  • Educate investors about the market opportunity, competitive landscape and key industry trends;
  • Correct misperceptions about the company’s go-to-market approach, product roadmap, and long-term growth strategy; and
  • Raise the company’s profile with investors and analysts.
The highlight of the event was an in-depth product demonstration that would have been impossible in any traditional setting: a virtual, behind-the-wheel ride on the streets and highways around the company’s headquarters.
man wearing headset during a video call
inside view of a truck with a seated driver


The management team was thrilled with the results, saying that the SMA team put together a brilliant new investor deck and “helped us to articulate a clear and relevant narrative to investors.” Importantly, the enhanced investor deck and executive coaching made the CEO significantly more comfortable speaking with investors, resulting in more productive investor engagement.