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A newly public health services company needed to help investors understand its business model and the power of its proprietary technology platform. SMA planned, coordinated and executed a dynamic hybrid Investor Day that illuminated the company’s story for investors and analysts. Equally important, the equity story crafted for the event served as the cornerstone for the company’s future messaging.

Client Challenge

At the core of the client’s business is a proprietary technology platform that enables the company’s health care partners to address the industry’s most pressing challenges: rising costs, diminished quality of care, and practitioner burnout. Yet despite rapid growth in a competitive market and a track record of strong quarterly results, the company discovered that prospective investors were unaware of the competitive advantages inherent in its business model. Moreover, investors did not fully appreciate the company’s ability to manage costs and expand margins across its geographic markets.

The Sharon Merrill Advantage

SMA worked with the client to execute a hybrid Investor Day that put a human face on the company’s technological solution. In collaboration with the client, we developed short, pre-recorded videos of patients describing improvements in their care. We organized a live, interactive panel discussion of partner physicians discussing the benefits—and bottom-line results—resulting from the adoption of the company’s platform.

We also provided one-on-one presentation coaching to each member of the client’s management team so their presentations would reinforce the company’s investment thesis. In addition, we shared strategic recommendations with the Chief Technology Officer, advising him to highlight ways the company had harnessed AI to maximize operational efficiency and achieve improved patient outcomes at scale.

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The event was a tremendous success among in-person and online attendees alike, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from investors and analysts. The company’s valuation increased 20% within two weeks following the investor day. Post-event analyst notes quoted extensively from the presentation materials and the Investor Day deck provided the foundation for the presentation materials the company used in subsequent conferences and non-deal roadshows.