Sharon Merrill works with emerging and established companies across the spectrum from software to semiconductors, and from hardware to the cloud. We understand how to communicate complex technologies to drive shareholder value.

  • Attracting technology investors and analysts
  • Communicating value-driving technology advancements
  • Managing crises around missed product/technology cycles and financial expectations
  • Positioning management as technology thought leaders
  • Providing expert counsel on technology IR

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Learn more about our experience and thought leadership

Case Study – IPO Program

Virtually invisible outside of its existing customer base, an emerging U.S. communications technology provider wanted to leverage its IPO to generate broader market awareness for the next phase of its growth. The IPO priced successfully and the stock performed well. But it took an aggressive communications campaign to generate name recognition within the company’s target audience of Fortune 1000 decision makers.

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Case Study – Meetings and Introductions

Analyst meetings in key U.S. money centers, combined with a well-attended Investor Day and business media interviews, generated awareness on Wall Street for a newly public software company. As a result, sell-side coverage quadrupled and institutional ownership doubled.

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Case Study – Acquisition Support

A technology company sought to complete a highly strategic acquisition, but the deal’s valuation was unusually high. Sharon Merrill worked with management on communicating the benefits of the deal, which was ultimately well received by investors.

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