Sharon Merrill works with manufacturing companies serving a variety of end markets. We help companies to communicate how their organic and acquisition growth strategies and operational initiatives are driving shareholder value.

  • Attracting value and growth investors to the stock
  • Communicating operational improvement and growth initiatives
  • Managing crises around end-market slowdowns and missed financial expectations
  • Positioning management as industry thought leaders
  • Providing expert counsel on industrial company IR

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Case Study – Investor Outreach

Meetings with analysts, coupled with clear IR messaging, erase negative impressions about an industrial company that were lingering from the past. A better understanding of the new management team’s accomplishments results in sell-side “buy” recommendations and increased institutional ownership.

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Blog – Investor Relations for Industrials

Some portfolio managers like investing in diversified industrial companies “for their break-up value.” If you’re in the industrial space, this is the polar opposite of how you want investors to think about your company. For an industrial, it all comes down to ensuring that investors see your company as being more than a sum of its parts – not less. Here are four tips to ensure that investors believe your company is worth more than its breakup value.

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