Companies in industries ranging from financial services and REITs to clean tech and energy rely on Sharon Merrill Associates’ communications expertise.

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Case Study – Media Relations

During dark days for the financial services industry, a conservatively managed community bank continued to report solid profits. An aggressive media relations campaign raises awareness of the bank’s performance, resulting in greater depositor interest and a higher stock price.

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Case Study – Proxy Fights

A company is faced with a dissident shareholder group—led by a 5% holder—that is attempting to grab board seats at the annual meeting. The proxy contest becomes a referendum on the strategic direction of the company and its growth strategy. The Company was ultimately successful in keeping the dissident shareholder from joining its board of directors. On the day in which the certified results were announced, the stock rose more than 10%, and within three months, the stock price was up more than 40%.

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Case Study – Investor Day

Wall Street casts a skeptical eye on a technology company’s entry into a new market with a recently introduced product. The company responds by hosting an analyst day, resulting in favorable impressions, large institutional stock purchases and new sell-side coverage.

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Case Study – Crisis Communications

A raging fire destroys a key corporate facility just prior to a $60 million acquisition to be funded by issuing stock. The company’s crisis communications reverse a drop in the stock price and result in a successful acquisition.

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