Using survey research to refresh corporate messaging

A small maker of medical devices had failed to generate investor interest in its first year as a public company. Using survey research, management executed new communications that leveraged a product launch to build positive awareness on Wall Street.

Client Challenge

Raise awareness and build a solid following on Wall Street

Public for one year, this medical device company’s institutional stock ownership was minimal. It was covered by only two sell-side analysts – both affiliated with the IPO underwriters. Having just received FDA clearance to market an important new device, management was intent on gaining maximum leverage from the product launch to raise the company’s visibility as an investment.

Sharon Merrill Approach

Develop investor communications using a base of perception research

Sharon Merrill conducted a proprietary STREETSCOPE® perception survey to uncover investment community opinions about the company. The research revealed a variety of negative perceptions that may have contributed to the lack of investment community interest in the client. These findings made it possible to identify performance benchmarks relating to management, product marketing and other critical areas the company would need to achieve in order to build a following within the investment community. Sharon Merrill worked with the CEO and CFO to build messaging around these benchmarks that clearly demonstrated the company’s management strength, product superiority and overall growth prospects.


A surge in investor requests for meetings with management

More than 350 analysts and portfolio managers were targeted to receive communications based on the company’s new survey-based corporate positioning and messaging. These communications included emails with follow-up phone calls, one-on-one meetings, analyst advisories and press releases. In excess of 50 targeted U.S. and Euro zone investors, who had no previous interest in the company, requested meetings with management or more information.

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