Cultivating sell-side analysts and institutional investors

Analyst meetings in key U.S. money centers, combined with a well-attended Investor Day and business media interviews, generated awareness on Wall Street for a newly public software company. As a result, sell-side coverage quadrupled and institutional ownership doubled.

Client Challenge

Low profile on Wall Street

A newly public CRM software company had cutting-edge products, rocketing sales and a visionary management team, but was unable to generate awareness on Wall Street. Months after the IPO, only four sell-side analysts followed the company’s stock, which was owned by fewer than 60 institutions. Each of the company’s peers, meanwhile, was covered by a minimum of eight sell-side analysts and had attracted more than 100 institutional investors.

Sharon Merrill Approach

Aggressive outreach to investors

Sharon Merrill launched an integrated investor relations campaign designed to increase the client’s sell-side coverage and attract desirable institutional holders to the company’s stock. Nearly 150 carefully targeted analysts attended one-on-one and group meetings with company executives in key U.S. money centers. The client’s first Investor Day event, hosted in Boston, attracted 121 investors and generated rave reviews. Interviews with targeted reporters and editors resulted in prominent feature stories in media outlets including Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Investor’s Business Daily and The Boston Globe.


Increased sell-side coverage and institutional ownership

Sharon Merrill developed a database consisting of more than 650 investment community professionals likely to take an interest in the client’s story. The outreach campaign resulted in more than 500 of these investors participating in meetings with management or quarterly conference calls during the ensuing year. As a result, the client’s sell-side coverage increased from four analysts to 18, and the number of institutions owning the company’s stock rose from 57 to 122.

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