Hosting an investor day/analyst day

Wall Street casts a skeptical eye on a technology company’s entry into a new market with a recently introduced product. The company responds by hosting an analyst day, resulting in favorable impressions, large institutional stock purchases and new sell-side coverage.

Client Challenge

Negative Wall Street reaction to a product launch

A technology company established as a leader in its niche decided to broaden its addressable market by launching a new product. Wall Street reacted skeptically to the news, doubting management’s ability to market the product successfully and fearing it would distract the company from opportunities in its core market. In addition, some analysts thought the management team’s lack of depth was being masked by the CEO’s talent and charisma.

Sharon Merrill Approach

Face-to-face education for the investment community

Sharon Merrill helped the company directly address these concerns by hosting an investor day that enabled investors to meet the management team personally and see the newly launched product in action. Using its proprietary targeting resources, Sharon Merrill identified and invited buy-side and sell-side professionals who covered the client, owned its shares or were likely to be interested in its investment prospects. Sharon Merrill coordinated event logistics and helped management prepare for their presentations, question-and-answer sessions and product demonstration.


Favorable feedback, large stock purchases and new sell-side coverage

Feedback research conducted by Sharon Merrill indicated that the 45 participants gained a better understanding of the company’s strategy and capabilities. Most respondents left the event viewing the company favorably as an investment and impressed with the management team and their presentations. Following the analyst day, seven institutions represented at the event purchased a total of approximately 500,000 shares of stock, and a new sell-side analyst who attended the event initiated coverage.

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