Polly Pearson is Senior Vice President. Polly has a track record of advising CEOs for more than 25 years while blazing trails in building market and brand value for the companies she represents.  Her work is rooted in understanding corporate strategy and financial levers; storytelling; innovation; relationship building; creating message connections and leverage between investors, employees, media and customers; brand power; and in the delivery of remarkable results. Polly provides strategic and inspiring communication content, crisis management counsel, coaching, investor relationship-building services, as well as foundational investor and employee communication systems, investor financial frameworks, and custom market intelligence to position clients for success. This work has a proven track record of results for pre-IPO to Fortune 200 stages.

Polly’s IR programs have won awards from Barron’s, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Financial Times, and Institutional Investor. Polly has been an advisor to the SEC on Regulation FD and to the New York Stock Exchange on international and retail investor strategies. Her work has been featured in Harvard Business Press and McGraw Hill books. Polly’s thought leadership has brought her to the podium at influential forums such as the Simmons Leadership Conference; to several universities such as Harvard; as well as to forums such as Fortune’s Brand Summit and The Conference Board. Polly has experience in the Board Room both as board member and as an advisor to boards ranging from the newly public to the “world’s most ethical company.”

Prior to joining Sharon Merrill Associates in 2019, Polly founded and served as Managing Director of Pearson Advisory, a boutique investor relations firm. For nearly 10 years Polly advised CEOs and management teams in IR. Before launching her own firm, Polly served as the highest-ranking woman executive at EMC Corporation for nearly 20 years. At EMC she worked for the Founder and each successive CEO, guiding and delivering the company’s message to investors, customers, employees, analysts and the external talent market. Polly founded the investor relations function at EMC and was a driver in building its market value from small cap to mega cap.

Polly’s recent engagements include:

  • ESG strategy and reporting for an S&P 500 company.
  • Brand launch and investor communication for a direct-to-consumer digitally native pre-IPO company.
  • Corporate positioning and earnings announcement for small-cap biotech company.
  • Succession planning counsel to a mid-cap company.

Email Polly at ppearson@investorrelations.com.