Successful leaders know how to connect with an audience. Whether for a media interview, keynote speech, PowerPoint™ presentation, investor meeting or sales pitch, speaking persuasively is critical. Sharon Merrill offers personalized training programs to help executives improve their presentation and verbal communication skills.

Media Training – Articulating the company’s story and ensuring that executives look their best when the cameras roll

Spokesperson Training – Ensuring that spokespeople speak credibly and stay “on message”

Presentation Training – Coaching on voice, body language and content

Presentation Message Development – Persuading audiences through powerful story-telling

Investor Presentations – Leveraging our IR expertise to help create lasting investor connections

Q&A Preparation – Turning negative questions into positive messages

Body Language – Avoiding the pitfalls and using effective body language to improve delivery

IPO Roadshow Training – Making a first impression as a confident and credible management team

Regulation FD Training – Avoiding regulatory pitfalls during investor meetings

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Case Study – Presentation Training

A newly promoted CFO had no prior experience communicating with investors or the business media. After a disappointing performance during his first quarterly investor conference call, the CFO set out to improve his communications skills with presentation training. As a result of his training, he became more effective in communicating with investors and the financial media in group presentations, one-on-one meetings and phone discussions.

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Case Study – Management Credibility

The leaders of a technology company needed to significantly improve their presentation skills in advance of an investor day event intended to showcase the strong management team. After working with Sharon Merrill, the team was well received by the investor audience and the event was a resounding success.

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Blog – Delivering an Effective Investor Presentation

Follow these simple rules to deliver a dynamic investor presentation.

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Blog – Reading Body Language

Do you know what you’re communicating with your body language? Find out how to avoid dangerous miscues through unintentional body language.

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