When everything is on the line, we guide management through a carefully orchestrated crisis strategy to protect their reputation. We leverage our deep, collective experience with thousands of crisis engagements to act quickly, objectively and decisively. In the face of a serious threat, our clients have confidence that we will help them navigate the specific and challenging nuances of their crisis.

Crisis Communications Planning – Developing crisis plans before the storm clouds appear

Strategy & Counsel – Guiding management through the crisis to a successful outcome

Message Development – Disseminating concise, targeted messages that help diffuse the crisis

Media Monitoring – Ensuring that management is aware of external perceptions

Media Training – Coaching management to handle hostile media

Spokesperson Training – Ensuring that spokespeople speak credibly and stay “on message”

Q&A Development – Developing effective answers to difficult questions

Stakeholder Communications – Creating customized messages for critical audiences

Social Media Plans – Using digital media to build support instantaneously around the world

Shareholder Activism – Executing effective corporate control strategies

CEO Transition Communications – Building shareholder support for management and board changes

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Case Study – Recovering From a Disaster

A raging fire destroyed a key corporate facility just prior to a $60 million acquisition to be funded by issuing stock. The company’s crisis communications reversed a drop in the stock price and resulted in a successful acquisition.

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Case Study – Communicating Shortfalls

A software company preemptively announces an earnings shortfall with a conference call followed by a cross-country road show. As a result of the proactive communications plan, there was minimal impact on the company’s stock price, favorable media coverage, and no discernable damage to its credibility.

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Case Study – Shareholder Activism

A client company decided to pursue a merger of equals that was met with resistance by a dissident group of activists. Outreach and shareholder education on the merits of the transaction resulted in the merger receiving shareholder approval and the dissidents being defeated.

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Here are five “Crisis Plan Essentials” to consider in order to get your team ready to communicate in a crisis.

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Blog – 10 Tips for Dealing with Shareholder Activism

The threat of activist investors encircling your company can be intimidating – unless you understand how to engage, respond and communicate. Here are 10 strategies to help you prepare.

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