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What makes Sharon Merrill Associates excel in the world of strategic communications? Trust. Experience. Resilience. Passion. Vision. Perspective. Partnerships. Take a look at our story and see how we leverage these qualities to help you build value.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Conduct a Perception Audit

In evaluating your company’s corporate reputation and whether its share price is fairly valued, analyzing your audience is key. The image you are projecting, may not be the same that is being perceived by your investors and analysis. To understand and address the critical factors that impact your company’s reputation and shareholder value its important…

Think Like a Politician: Use Investor Perception Audits as a Strategic Advantage

In politics, there is an age-old debate as to whether elected leaders should vote according to the wishes of their constituents, or vote their conscience as the people’s representative.   We have seen politicians criticized for using polling too extensively to guide policy (see Bill Clinton) — and not enough (see Barack Obama).  When I worked…