Providing presentation training to enhance management credibility

The leaders of a technology company needed to significantly improve their presentation skills in advance of an investor day event intended to showcase the strong management team. After working with Sharon Merrill, the team was well received by the investor audience and the event was a resounding success.

Client Challenge

Present a strong management team at a critical investor event

A technology company was hosting an Investor Day at their corporate headquarters with presentations by each management team member. Many had never presented before an investor audience, and some had little experience with public speaking. In addition, the event was being videocast on the Internet to a worldwide audience.

Sharon Merrill Approach

Intensive on-site presentation training

Sharon Merrill held multiple, individual sessions with each management team member using video-based feedback tools to enhance the delivery of the presentations. The sessions focused on highlighting key messages, using body language and vocal techniques, and effectively using PowerPoint. Sharon Merrill’s coaches also provided extensive counsel on presentation content, leveraging the firm’s long experience in investor relations and its understanding of what resonates with investors. The sessions were highly customized as each team member had diverse presentation strengths and weaknesses.


Successful investor day and attendee feedback

Each management team member was well prepared and began their presentation with a high level of confidence. The analyst and investor attendees provided very positive post-event feedback about the management team, the presentations and the investor day overall. The webcast of the event also was well received and remained on the company’s website as an important vehicle to showcase the company’s strong team.

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