Publicizing stellar performance in a discredited industry

During dark days for the financial services industry, a conservatively managed community bank continued to report solid profits. An aggressive media relations campaign raises awareness of the bank’s performance, resulting in greater depositor interest and a higher stock price.

Client Challenge

Attract depositors and investors in a negative banking environment

In one of the worst years for the financial industry since the Depression, this conservatively managed bank reported consistent profits while others across the country posted huge losses or were rescued by Washington. But with the banking sector out of favor on Wall Street, deposit activity flatlined and the company’s stock languished along with its industry peers.

Sharon Merrill Approach

Generate positive national and local media coverage

Sharon Merrill developed and executed a media relations campaign designed to counter negative perceptions at both the national and local levels. To raise awareness among investors, feature articles were placed in the national media that positioned the bank’s CEO as a staunch advocate for traditional business principles during an era of failure for the financial industry nationwide. At the same time, positive local publicity attracted depositor interest in the bank.


Increased stock price and depositor interest

Media coverage at the national level was highlighted by a front-page feature article on the bank’s CEO in The Wall Street Journal. The bank’s extensive local coverage included news features on the CEO broadcast by several regional and local TV stations, as well as a CEO profile published in dominant regional newspaper’s Sunday edition. Meanwhile, hundreds of letters of praise for the CEO poured in from all over the country. The bank’s stock price steadily increased during the media relations campaign while other bank stocks continued to fall, and depositor interest reached an all-time high.

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