Increasing Company Recognition

A bylined journal article helped a UK-based pharmaceutical company gain recognition for its growing presence in China. As a result, the company keynoted an inaugural U.S. conference in its field, establishing worldwide credentials and yielding numerous new business leads.

Client Challenge

Limited name recognition

Despite its growing portfolio of supplier relationships in China, a small UK-based pharmaceutical company’s limited name recognition and competition from larger competitors were making it difficult to generate sales and forge business alliances in other emerging healthcare markets. The company engaged Sharon Merrill to develop and execute a media relations strategy designed to generate positive corporate visibility and establish credibility with prospective customers around the world.

Sharon Merrill Approach

Bylined article in a major trade journal

Sharon Merrill recommended establishing the client’s credentials through the lens of an independent third party respected by targeted customers and potential partners. A leading industry journal would be the ideal third party because such publications are the primary medium used by life sciences companies to communicate clinical data and related drug development information. In addition, reprints of an article published in a pharmaceuticals journal would have a long shelf-life, either in hard copy or electronic form, and could be easily e-mailed to prospects or handed out during new business meetings.


New partnering relationships

Sharon Merrill authored and placed a 3,000-word article titled “Establishing Trials in China” in Pharmaceutical Executive Europe bylined by one of the client’s senior executives. Publication of the article led to the client’s being invited to keynote an inaugural U.S. conference in its field. The conference yielded numerous new business leads. In addition, the client credits the bylined article with initiating important new partnering relationships with several major U.S.-based pharmaceutical companies.

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